Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tracking evolution...

Some of us are going through some rough times right now, some just crossed it and some do not care, what happens and when does it happen, but Swamini Raji says - whenever you are dealing with stress, the best idea would be to change things around you, change your attitude, do things which are not in your normal regular routine..and you will be able to concentrate on things more than ever (but that simply doesn't mean that you do not think about the problem anymore!!, just take a break from routine..). (I do not know why when some one says the word Swami, the first name that follows in my mind is Nityananda, why can't I think of Vivekananda (I blame you  - dear media!!!!))

Sowshee and me were taking a break from regularly exercising our brains to think about what to write and me, being the one who needs to see different surroundings every once in a while, thought let me change the way the blog looks and restart writing...

Now, so that we keep a track of how the blog looked, down the weeks, (may be months and years too, who knows..), this post will be a living post and all the designs will be stored or rather pasted in this post. (I promised that to Sowshee, who otherwise was very reluctant to let go of her coffee background....). By the way, did you think I was about to talk something very serious - evolution and stuff??? (ha ha ha..)

The 2nd look of the blog. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blessed Smilies :-)

What happened to my life?? Why nothing good is happening to me?? Oops !! bills are not paid, I am late to office! Where is my phone charger? Why did mom scold me for this? Why dont they understand me? Why there is no hike this time, Some more deduction in salary this month! I am putting on extra kilos! Why things are not happening as I planned? Did my bf/gf think of me today? Was it my mistake? I don't like this s**t life.....STRESS in each and every activity that we do..Is STRESS our best pal or relative that stays together through out the day?? We are so attached with Stress that we share our feelings with it.. react with it.. go according to what it responds... We are so obsessed with it that we are not willing to ignore it.

All this week I was very stressed, I was unable to concentrate on anything (What I did this weekend is a beautiful blog written by me, please check and comment on ) Finally, I realised that I wasted a week's time in my precious life. The charger I searched, the boy friend who was busy,(of course its u Chiky) the bad cold I had, all these are not remembered after ten years. Its the Happy moments that we lived, the smiling faces that we had and the fun that lasted for a while
are all carried through out our life. We forget the truth that life is very simple and we complicate it as much as possible and blame that life isn't happening as we planned. The truth I found was - Life can be very simple and peaceful. Accept everything as it is and the best one is 'Expectations Hurt'. Oh ya .. This line is really awesome. It's a simple 2 word phrase but I bet, it has a whole lot of meaning in it. It creates wonders if u follow for a day and lots of positive energy is generated from us. Ultimately, at the end of the day we will have a smile on our faces. I envy the smileys, they always smile and spread them :-). It seems to be simple to follow but in reality we will have a tough time as beginers. once we realize the fruits of being simple without expectations we will be very happy in life.On sunday night I had a philosophical thought on my bed about how to reduce stress in life and decided to stay happy from monday morning. Monday morning came within an hour - it's 12.30am already. It's time for chiky to get up for his shift. I tried giving a wake up call, no responce. Tried once again. Remember I have to be happy, so with a smiling face I tried twice, thrice, slowly my smilimg face changed to what-to-do face. Ten minutes passed still chiky din't pick the call. Oops tensed about what happened to him..Did he get up?? getting ready?? reached office?? OMG tried calling him once again after half-an-hour.. Call is picked..

me : chiky ! u dumbooo. Its time to office.

Chiky : let me sleep.

me : u always do this lazy fellow... blah blah blah....U promised me many thing when u proposed me ... blah blah blah.. i am living her for u ... blah blah blah blah blah.... ............... ........ ............. ...... ................. ............. ............... ............. Blah blah blah ............ .........think of our future...... ......... look at yo friend ............ ............. ..........don't u love me any more....... ................ ................... ............. ............... have to face my father in near future.................. .......think of our kids... ................ ........... irresponsible .............. ........... insurance and bills................ .........blah blah blah.....................HmmmHmmm (breathing hard).

Chiky : Its my off today.

me : okay sleep. bye.

(Poor boy!!Duh!!)
What sleep he will get after listening to all this. Still it's okay.. It's just early hours of Monday let's keep up our words from Sunrise... thud thud thud... Someone knocking... Very consciously remembering to smile even after badly disturbed from a sound sleep. It's my laundry woman(Lw)

me : Akka,here is the money and keep the change.

Lw: Amma , your dresses.

me : Thank u Akka.

Lw: just wanted to tell u, my cousin came to visit me and tried helping me in ironing the clothes. by mistake he burnt your blue salwar.

me : whaaaaaaat?

Lw : !

me : what the hell are u thinking about yourself? Do u know how costly it is ... Blah Blah Blah Blah......give back my change.. never ever come here to collect the clothes..

THHUUD... door closed.
These are the results of trying something new, all of the sudden. Anyways it's just a funny situation I encountered last weekend.
Stress can be reduced by various ways. I would like to share the adverse effects of it. Stress can trigger our body’s response to perceived threat or danger, the Fight-or-Flight response. Here I would like to tell about flight or fight response which means its ability to enable us to physically fight or run away when faced with danger. So there is a possibility that we run out of the situation and develop a fear to fight kind of attitude. It's a natural hormone that acts on us, which get conveyed as decisions that we take.

Stress can lead to :
  1. depression
  2. diabetes
  3. hair loss
  4. heart disease
  5. hyperthyroidism
  6. obesity
  7. obsessive-compulsive or anxiety disorder
  8. sexual dysfunction
  9. tooth and gum disease
  10. ulcers
  11. cancer

Utilimately, the best way of living is to stay away from Stress . Now how is it possible??? Though not an expert I can explain few ways in which we can have a stress free life style.

>>Wear a Smile always.

>>Exercise everyday as we have very less physical activities in our day to day life.

>> Have a interesting and rarest hobby that no one can ever think off.

>>Make sure u walk in bare foot over the lawn...which releases lots of stress.

>>Clean yourself twice a day in stress filled day.

>>Meditate just the minutes equal to your age. For example if you are 25 years old meditate for 25 min everyday.

>>Don't leave your passion on anything for any cause. Be independent on your interests

>>Don't sit idle and think too much.

>>Have a good attitude.

>>Speak to god whenever possible. For non-belivers, speak to yourself whenever possible.

>>Never expect anything.

>>Yoga is a natural way of living disciplined life - follow it.

>>Reduce salt intake.

>>Have your favorite pleasant colour things beside your (like bag, cloth, pen, purse, bottle. screen saver), even though if its out of fashion.

>>Laugh aloud whenever possible.

>>Don't compare with neighbors (You may never know what they don't have and you have it)

>>Drink lots of water.

>>Belive in yourself more than anything.

>>Faith and Positive thinking is the key for a happy life.

Looking forward for comments from all our friends for more tips to reduce the distance between us and to increase the distance between the stress which is staying with us and Let's get united here with a stress-free coffee chat.



Friday, July 2, 2010

I for I-Phone

Technology has advanced and so have the generations... A couple of days ago, me and my colleagues were having a discussion that cell phones, these days are everything but just a "calling" device. This has involved a lot of brainstorming and the results are awesome... I cannot believe that travelling to another country is all about the documentation, other than the physical proximity, you actually do not "miss" the person!! 

So, my question was that if there is some thing that we as a generation cannot imagine, what it is going to be like  after 25-30 years...I mean just imagine... did our parents anticipate living in different countries / cities could be so easy? 

Cell phones brought revolution to the world and now the data connected devices or the cell phones with data plans are just icing on the cake. I started all this conversation because of the following conversation with a customer service agent (CSA) - this is only a section of it - 
CSA - Ma'm I will be certainly able to e mail you all the information, but can you please update the e mail ID that we have here?
Me - yeah sure, its, is in not the same that you have there?
CSA - ma'm your voice is very difficult to hear.. there is a lot of background noise,
Me - hello, uuh.. can you hear me now?
CSA - feebly ma'm, if you do not mind, can you spell the letters?
Me - okay, sure, its 

r - as in Radio, 
a - uumm,, - as in Apple
j - as in Jam
i - uuuhnmm... i for say "I Phone"??? 
(Shocked... surprised... couldn't I have said I for India,,, Indiana,,, Igloo... I said I Phone??)

Woww...I thought over that after a name just became a list of electronics....  A for apple (I cannot remember if I actually meant the fruit apple). 
I am pretty sure this is the broader US effect, narrowing to the "Apple electronics" effects, and narrowing more to the "I Phone 4" effect....

It is amazing to see the effect of Apple electronics on the market... no more do we have to press the buttons on phone to make a call.... its all as simple as touching them....

A couple of years ago, when I was teaching my mom how to play solitaire on the computer, she (who by the way was very new to the world of computers, mouse and other things..) asked me if she could directly touch the screen and drag the cards instead of using mouse. She asked me because of her difficulties with mouse and I laughed at her saying that "mom, sure!! pretty soon" and after 1 year, we saw I Phone entering the market. When it came out, I was shocked to see that we can actually use our fingers to do anything on screen!! What a revolution!!!!

I am not an I Phone fan and not even going to buy that (for my personal reasons..).. but definitely I Phone is the "baap of all smart phones", especially the touch phones. The applications have become an indispensable part of our lives... mobile networking... e mailing... banking.. everything with a cell phone and a few taps on screen... 

When machines started taking over the manual life a couple of centuries ago, people said we are getting more and more mechanized.. I wonder what that generation will say to us now...everything is electronic... digital.. computerized... Many people know and have heard about Pranav Mistry ( ya ya... our fella Indian!!)... an MIT guy, who is already revolutionizing the scientific world with his genius concept of using sixth sense to get things done.. just with a "thought in mind"..

Whats next??? Any thoughts??