Friday, September 30, 2011

Navarathiri 2011 - My First Golu in life( Part - 1 )

             Navarathiri was limited to Quarterly exams till my school days and study holidays in college days. At work it was just a Ethinic wear before the computers and a visit to Chandra Mouli's grand golu and his moms prasadam.. Arrangement of dolls was not a part of my life until I got married. My Mother-in-law (MIL) loves celebrating Navarathiri with Golu  and rejoice the glory of Goddess  Durga. This year 2011 I am also a part of the Golu arrangement along with my MIL ( helper, learner, assistant.. How ever you can comprehend!! ). I have started this post on the third day of Navarathiri. Who knows when I will finish it. But I am determined to bolg and preserve all the memories of my first Golu. May be I will have many parts for this post. With all this in mind, I am going through the gallery of snaps that I have taken from the day one.

            After a great struggle with the helpers whom we hired, we brought down the dolls or Bommais from the attic. All the dolls were wrapped carefully last year and stored in boxes. I was amazed to see my MIL's collection and love towards her dolls. She had more joy and pride seeing the dolls. I was only able to observe a grubby shapeless old newspaper covered things all around . I understood her emotions only when I unpacked each doll from the wrap. That's the bond between my MIL and her Dolls. She was able to see beyond the wrap when we brought  them down. Slowly we had to unpack each doll and carefully place them. meanwhile our helpers screwed the rack in a stepwise fashion.

Covered with with cloth.

Marapachi Bommai
                       There came the right day and time to start our arrangement. Malya ammavasai is auspicious to start of the arrangement. Meanwhile I was busy Googling about Navarathiri and stuff to know more. By the way we have our Granny who is magnificent than Google. I came across many contest and previous year prize winners arrangement. Mind-blowing ladies of chennai have lots of creativity. So I decided to be out of contest this year ( Beginners should only observe). I dusted all the rack that is arranged and selected the right place and tables to be arranged and wiped then and started covering them with a white cloth. As expected unable to do alone.( tired of running around the rack with a white cloth) patiently waited till my MIL arrive from office, curious to see what is inside each wrap. Googling to get more ideas. Concluded with an idea to set a village. Go green was also in mind. This time its limited to Village set up. Aaha Aaha evening came, MIL arrived. We both wrapped the 5 step metal stand with a white cloth. and MIL was ready with the Kalasam and Marapachi Bommai which has to be kept first. I will not miss out to mention about the small readymade kalasam that Granny and me were searching for the whole day. May be this year an authentic kalasam with mango leaf and rice was a special start. My Happy hours starts now. I quietly settled down to unwrap one by one while my MIL stood near the rack to place them accordingly. It was delightful to look at each doll as I passed on to my ecstatic MIL to spot the right place for it. We had Marapachi Bommai in the first row and a crowded Marriage set above that. Vinayak with different musical instrument beside it. the most attractive one was the Rasalila Krishna and the Crawling Baby Krishna. Perumal and Thayar, Astalaksmi and Hanuman with the Sanjeevi moutain was also placed in the top step. Krishna dancing on the five head snake was the highlight. The Rama set, Annapoorani, Andal, Annamalaiyaar, Ranganadhar, Laksmi, Saraswathi were all in different steps. Dhashaavatharam was set right after a bit of surfing. ladies with ammikal, aattukal was in the second row along with Chettiar and his wife. It was late for dinner and we ended the day with 90% of arrangement. All this while granny sowed Navadhaniyum ( 9 seeds ) in  two bowls.

MIL busy arranging the Golu.
Ramar and Astalaksmi.

Dancing Krishna.


Marriage Set.

Vinayak with Different musical instrument.
Golu 2011
                   Day1 : Happy Navarathiri. We are all getting ready for our pooja and prasadam. We had Lime rice in the morning and Sundal in the evening. Mil was busy decorating the Golu each day. My village set in still in mind, with my MIL's permission reserved a place and table for my village and gathered few dolls from the collection and preserved it. We did not forget to water Navadhaniyam. I started my work for the village set up. Wrapped the wooden table which is of low height and wider frame with news paper and plastic, spread soil all over it. MIL had many sets, one of them was villagers celebrating Pongal. Siol was wet as I picked it up from my pot. I placed the house and laid a road and placed cars in it. Coconut trees and Cattles. Pongal set was neat and pleasant.? I was asking for Raggi seeds for paddy feild. and serial light to decorate the whole Golu. ( only this much for shopping ). We had colour kolam everyday in front of the Golu which added more colours to the view. I was always busy clicking fpr photos from all sides. Days were filled with more joy with the Golu in House.

A closer view of our Village.

Elevated Golu
Day2 : Today's prasadam is tamarind rice and Kadala for morning and evening. Happy about having different items on my plate. Started inviting Family and relatives to have a visit. Just noticed my neighbor who's window is adjacent to our house peeping into our hall. With a warm smile I greeted Hi Hello and we both exchanged invitations to each others house for Navarathiri and she was amazed to see our Golu.(Just before that day I was complaining about that lady to my MIL for her harsh and raspy voice which almost spoils my mood every morning.) Evening Chiky arrived from office with a pleasant surprise. Guess what!!! Serial Light... Serial Light.. Serial Light.. Wow.. Just then My MIL with the Raagi seeds. How blessed am I??? My shopping list is all done. In a Jiffy we started sticking the lights in the corners of each step and lighted the Golu. I was busy sowing the raggi in the village soil and watering it. Atlast the day came to an end with the light decoration. While dinner we had a hearty laugh for this thought of mine. "What will happen if all the dolls and Divine beings get life and start to talk and walk. Each one had an expression and couldnot stop laughing aloud. I said "I will get into the Sanjeevi Mountain on the hands of Hanuman and see whats inside". Granny with all smiles said " This Huge crawling Krishna will craw our hall" . My MIL was thinking about the Marriage set. Day ended with all smiles and happiness.
                             This post will end with Day2. Snaps and updates of rest of the days will be in my next post. Hope you too enjoyed my very Firt Golu. Suggestions and views are welcomed. See you soon with Lots of Prasadams and snaps. Enjoy Navarathiri!!!  


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tracking evolution...Part 2

                      Change is the only thing that's constant in this world. So, its time to change the avatar for this coffee blog. I take the pleasure of modifying it, this time. Now its the season of Navarathiri and Weddings bells will soon ring for two of our friends. So I will choose a festival mood tones and colors and brighten up the blog. Lets a chat with this virtual coffee blog filled with all lots of marriage gossips and festival feast.

A tip for variety of VARIETY RICE

                              This tip is originated from my Mother. Later I fond that her Mother gave her this tip when she was struggling to satisfy my greedy sister who always complained about her Lunch box. My sister is a college-goer and she is bored and blased of the same stuff everytime. My mom also feels its time-stacking for her to wake up in the morning to prepare a palatable dish. Now with this innovation all the warfare came to an end as it consumes less time for my sweet mom and my sissy is happy that her Lunch boxex turned delectable, luscious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy all of a sudden. So, I am posting this multipurpose recipe as it will be expedient to each one of you.

                         First  we need to prepare a powder, which can be preserved in a air tight container for a month or so. For the measurement you can use large spoon, cup, glass, any measurement equipment. With the measuring aid take one measurement of Sesame seeds, Bengal Gram Lentils, Black Gram Lentils,half measurement of Black Peppercorns. Roast each of them separately in a dry kadai. Powder them together and store.
                          We always prefer our plate to be hot and spicy but  Lunch boxes are usually cold and dried by the time we consume it. This recipe is so tasty as we suppress the fact that its cold and its not routine everyday. All you have to do is to get ready with the boiled rice that we regularly do for the whole family ( or the left over rice is also  fine) and Vegetables for your own choice. You can pick out  a mixture of veggies from your fridge. You can go with single vegetable or combination of it. Chop them accordingly.

                     Take a Wok, add oil mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions, chillies. Fry till the onions are transparent and add the chopped vegetable of yo choice. Fry till its cooked, add rice, salt, jeera powder.Once its mixed properly. Add 2 tbsp of Miracle Powder that we prepared (You can prepare the powder for a month. No need to grind it everyday ). Mix well and turn off the stove in 5 mins. Cool it before packing the Lunch box. The aroma of the powder will be appetizing. Since we have veggies in the recipe, Its good for health too. Boondhi , cucumber or onion raita will be a perfect combination.      
Hope its useful for many who are in a  hurry to pack Lunch Boxes every morning !!!     


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's on your mind?

                 Most of you are thinking that you have seen this title in day to day life. Yes, it's true. We come across this question in all social networking websites. We keep answering them when ever we have a decent thought to be shared. Of course all that is in mind cannot be shared in social networking. This post is dedicated for all that is running in my mind. What's on my mind?

                With the blessing of our families Chiky and I have come together to live a peaceful life. Thanking God for all the support. I wonder how fast I could forget Mehta nagar hostel life, Slash work, roaming with friends, bulk sms, Hotel saapadu. Marriage life is different than what I thought. It has added more responsibility to my shoulder. I am experimenting cooking, lifestyle, living with different people. The lessons I learnt are many for the past few months. Many be I can preserve the Topic "Lessons learnt" for my next post. 
 What's on your mind? : Chiky and I have somehow sailed the rough sea together!!! Happy !!
                         My greatest passion in life is FOOooooooooooooOOD. I have always spoke about cooking with my best friend Raji who spents a lot of time with me. We almost spoke about all the dishes that we know and visited all the websites that we came across. As I was in hostel for ten years I had no facility or time to cook. The happiest thing I felt when I came to Chiky's home is the Kitchen. I try dishes that satisfy the whole family. I am yet to get into a full time cooking administrator as there are many constraints. ( I don't wake up early. I don't accept bad feedback. I love my MIL's Cooking )
 What's on your mind? : Sowshee .. the Great cook or Sowshee .. the Great eater
                        When I Joined college for UG. I had to move to chennai and to my college hostel. That's when my family bought a Pet for them.(It's not a replacement for me though.. lol) I was not a pet lover that time. When I came for Holidays My dog named Lyka used to treat me as its guest. soon it understood that I was also a part of the family. Her love and affection swept me. I was totally in love with my Lyka. We were so attached with Lyka as it was involved in every activity. Even Lyka will be my next coming post. I was away from blogging for these months as I was suffering for fever... sorry.. I dont know.. many be This post will be a Platform for my second innings in blogging. What's on your mind? : I miss you Sweetheart.. Lyka
What's on your mind? : Your Blog account will be deleted by Raji. If there are no

                         We spent a lovely time in Singapore for our Honeymoon. Chiky and I fell in love with the place. The neatness, development, food, respect for foreigners, climate, culture all that impressed us a lot. It was a dream place to make a living. I enjoy travel a lot. My next destination is Vijayawada and Hyderabad for Raji and Sudi marriage. Hoping for a cool trip. Finally all my friends are married. I am busy with phone calls from both the Brides who are busy with make-ups, shopping, planning for the D-day (asking me tips on all these as I am
 What's on your mind? : VR SUPR KDS fb staus Married ;-)

                         October comes with the joy of Navarathiri. My Mil Just started dusting her dolls and racks for the Dolls arrangement. Golu season is ON. We are having a lovely time with Navarathiri. For me especially with my Mil's parasaadam(Twice a day!!). Guess what you are correct . Golu also is my next upcoming post. I am ready with thesnaps of stage wise formation of our Golu.
What's on your mind? : Navarathiri is ON !! Prasaadam is ON!! :-D 

 Now that I feel like closing this post with 5 different What's on my mind? I am really happy that I have learnt there are many things that I can sit and blog.
What's on your mind? : I am into blogging again!!